Mainly bungalow-style guestrooms made up of Family Rooms and Suites, nestled in a botanical garden environment with easy access to all facilities, including the private beach and Kid's Minoan Club.


Modern-art, all-suite, boutique hotel with garden view or sea view rooms and extended living space. Ideal for couples and families alike. Located in the heart of the resort.



Seafront Suites and Luxury Suites, Maisonette-Villas and Villas with outdoor Jacuzzis, shared or private pools and exclusive services. Located in a prime position on the Peninsula.

Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort - Spa & Fitness

Spa & Fitness

Euphoria Rejuvenating Spa & FIT4LIFE CENTRE

Euphoria, comes from the Greek word euphoria which means a psychologically uplifting. We welcome you to step into the world of the Euphoria Rejuvenating Spa, a specially created environment devoted to awakening your senses

The Spa offers holistic treatments and therapies that go beyond beauty and focus on health, stress-reduction, recuperation and well being by using pure and natural environmentally-friendly products.

Our relaxation, massage, slimming and anti-ageing treatments offer instant pleasure and long lasting beauty results thanks to the expertise of Valmont and Algoane. The two Spa brands act as complimentary to each other and create moments for a lifetime.

The spa is dedicated to the world of wellbeing, thus, also extended outdoors, where treatments take place in nature and next to the sea.

We welcome to the unique Euphoria Rejuvenating Spa & invite you to see this place as a sanctuary of your soul!

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A new concept for Life and Fitness is taking part at the Lifestyle CollectionHotel. Refine your body lines, re shape your body, keep the balance in your mind and soul. Our specialized associates are ready to give advice and perform a personal program reflected to your personal lifestyle needs and preferences.

If you prefer your own privacy, a personal trainer will guide you to maximize the results with the latest Vibration Machine the I-TONIC by Free Motion. Group exercises are available for anyone who wants to restore energy, inner balance and keep fit.

An Active Daily Program consists of a variety of fitness classes ensuring your body building and ultimate wellbeing and relaxation, such as meditation, walking around the paths of the hotel, Yoga classes, Aqua Aerobic and many more.

Hair Rejuvenation

An organic blend of botanicals to pamper your hair and scalp

We have achieved an exclusive cooperation with the company “FairHair”, that offers natural hair products .

After long research, the company FairHair, has created a series of “FairHair” products for various treatments that offer a complete solution for the hair rejuvenation and healthy scalp.

The FairHair products are 100% organic and hypo-allergenic, perfectly compatible with the skin’s natural PH

The “FAIRHAIR” sessions we propose, are of LASER treatments combined with the use of the relevant products.

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From the 1st session the results are impressive:

• Total revitalization of weak hair

• Immediate relief from discomfort, itching and scalp’s skin disorders

Short – term results with the intensive use of the “fairhair” products:

• Treatment of hair loss , thinning hair, dandruff, xerodermia, seborrhea, greasy hair and scalp itching.

• Restoration of the natural hair colour.

Long-term results with the intensive use of the “fairhair” products:

• Thickening of hair

• Recovery of a full healthy scalp

Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort - Spa & Fitness
  • Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort - Spa & Fitness
  • Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort - Wellness
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