Anti-vieillissement / Remodelage du corps

"Les années avancent et l'abilité de notre corprs à regénérer ses cellules diminue et le processus de vieillissement s'engage.

L'objectif de l'anti-vieillissement est d'arrêter ce processus en ralentissant la dégénération cellulaire, produisant plus de collagène et stimulant le potentiel de la santé. "

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In the anti-ageing aesthetic medicine area we use the latest, most advanced techniques chosen according proven results which are based on scientific works.

After the consultation with our medical specialist, a diagnosis of the patient’s face and body is given, so that the most appropriate packages can then be prescribed to suit their specific needs

All treatments embrace our philosophy: They are all new, minimally invasive and with excellent results, allowing the patients' immediate recovery and return to their daily routine.

You can choose from the programs below:

• Anti ageing programs




Needle Mesotherapy

No needle mesotherapy

Injectable Fillers – Hyaluronic Acid